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Books & Resources 

Judgement Detox,
Gabrielle Bernstein 

Interested in taking a good hard look at your inner critic?  Bernstein's book walks you through how to identify your patterns and beliefs that are keeping you from living your fullest life.  I highly recommend this for anyone feeling anxious, overly critical of self, or stuck.  

It Didn't Start with You,
Mark Wolynn

Curious about how your experiences have been impacted by past generations?  Wolynn's book looks at how generational trauma impacts how you are living today with evidence from experts in trauma, neuroscience and sociology. 

Fierce Self-Compassion,
Kristin Neff, PhD

A brilliant book looking at how self compassion can become a catalyst for woman to speak up, become empowered, and embrace life while being truly authentic to themselves.  Neff utilizes evidenced based research and personal experiences to drive home how self compassion can change your world. 

The Body Keeps Score,
Bessel Van Der Kolk

Discover how the body stores experiences over time and how these impact how you interact with the world.  Van Der Kolk references research to bring the reader to an  understanding of how to intercede around these patterns with yoga, sports, drama, neurofeedback and more to come to a place of healing and hope. 

Gender Identity Workbook for Teens, Andrew Maxwell Triska

This interactive workbook explores gender and identity for individuals who are interested in learning more or finding out more about themselves.  This book includes quizzes, journal prompts, and activities.  

Women Don't Owe You Pretty, Florance Givens

Learn and explore more around modern feminism with this illustrated primer encouraging us to question older perspectives and narratives that impact our views of ourselves.  This book encourages self-acceptance, self-love, and exploration of our own power.

Stop Overthinking:  23 Techniques to Relieve Stress, Stop Negative Spirals, Declutter, Your Mind, and Focus on the Present,
Nick Trenton

Stuck in never-ending though loops?  Trenton utilizes practical skills to help stop overthinking, avoid living in the past and end dwelling in negative thought patterns. 

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