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Embodied Living

The act of expressing, embracing, integrating or realizing what is needed to have a fulfilling and whole life; while accepting and releasing attachments, judgements or narratives which prevent you from becoming your most true and authentic self.

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Yoga at Home

Who We Are

​Embodied Living Counseling, LLC is a private psychotherapy practice specializing in individual, group, couple and family treatment to address symptoms related to trauma, anxiety or related disorders.  The mission of  Embodied Living Counseling, LLC is to build an environment of safety, non-judgement, and compassion for clients to explore current or history of challenging and/or traumatic experiences.  We pride ourselves around providing a holistic perspective and education around practices of daily living, spirituality, growth and relapse prevention.  Counselors working at Embodied Living Counseling, LLC are skilled at guiding clients on the journey to healing through the use of evidenced-based practices allowing clients to discover their individual purpose, calling, life intention, peace and hope.    

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“Our life is shaped by our mind,

for we become what we think.”

~ Buddha ~

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